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Pupil Voice projects

Digi Leaders

Our Digi Leaders meet regularly to update the security on our laptops, and report any issues to the IT technician. They keep the laptop trolley neat and tidy with all cables packed away. The Digi leaders share their ideas and promote internet safety in assemblies , they have held a competition so all children could design a poster about being safe online. They have recently created a quiz of ten questions to understand the importance of keeping safe whilst on technology, for example - do you accept friend requests from strangers? The children throughout the school worked in pairs or groups to complete the quiz and share their opinions with their peers. 

The Digi Leaders have made links with the Eco Committee to come up with posters to help understand the importance of limiting the paper usage whilst using the printer and photocopier.


Eco Assembly - Reducing Waste

The children of our Eco Committee are all concerned about waste. They decided to do a presentation at a sharing assembly to try and combat the amount of waste produced by packed lunches, particularly plastic.In preparation for the assembly, the Eco Committee collected the rubbish from packed lunch boxes for one week. They looked at the different types of waste and how these could be reduced.

At the assembly the children led the presentation, with the support of Mrs Allen. They showed the parents how much waste was collected and asked them to support the school in its quest to reduce rubbish, and in particular plastic.

Ideas were given for alternatives for some food products:

  • whole apples, not pre-packed slices (Mrs Thompson is happy to slice)
  • small cubes or sticks of cheese, not cheese strings
  • reusable sandwich wrappers, not clingfilm
  • buying large pots/bags and decanting into small reusable pots/bags
  • homemade cakes and biscuits, not shop bought

The children were keen to encourage people, where possible, to dispose of some of the packaging in a more eco-friendly way. They explained that crisp packets would now be saved in school and taken to a local drop-off point for collecting by Terracycle, a company that recycles the non-recyclable. Mrs Allen finished the presentation by talking about the school values and how they link in with what the Eco committee are trying to achieve.

The eco committee would like to say a BIG thank you to everyone who is supporting their quest!

Road Safety Officers

Ringsfield Primary School’s Junior Road Safety Officers are Charlie, Ethan, Dylan and Lachlan. We have had a busy year so far! We have recently had a very successful ‘Road Safe Tee Day’ where the children and staff wore bright coloured clothes to raise awareness for the BRAKE charity who help people involved in road traffic accidents. We managed to raise over £70 for the charity and we feel very proud. Additionally, we printed off road safety themed worksheets and colouring pages to take round to each class to promote class discussions about Road Safety week. 

We have also had several online meetings with Ann Battershill (Suffolk County Council’s Road Safety Officer) where we have been showing her our work so far. Ann has given us some great tips too! 

We are looking forward to the rest of the year where we are planning to hold a bake sale, run more competitions and deliver more assemblies to continue to raise awareness in our school community. 

Ethos group

Our Prayer Space.

One of the key roles of the Ethos Committee is to look after our Prayer Space. Our Prayer Space is situated in our school entrance hall. To make the whole area more welcoming the Ethos committee changed the layout of the furnishing. They were able to create a more calming Prayer Space and provide a more prominent position for our Prayer Tree.

The Ethos Committee also set about renewing the prayers on our prayer tree. The committee discussed all the things they were thankful for at home and at school, and then included these in their own prayers. Children from Year 1 to Year 6 are involved in the Ethos Committee so the older children were able to help the younger ones to record their prayers.

Sports Committee

Our year 5 and 6 play leaders have been encouraging all children to take part in a variety of activities at lunchtimes. They run five different activities each day: they help improve skills and also have an element of personal challenge where the children can beat a personal best.

Play leaders had a meeting to come up with rules to ensure they could do an effective job which were shared with the school and displayed. They also took part in an assembly to talk to the children about playground rules and the importance of looking after equipment.

Play leaders have asked the children what they would like to do at lunchtimes and have tried to act upon any suggestions they get. As a result of this, a small football target skills training goal and footballs were purchased and used as one of the activities at lunch time.


The Sports Committee have met and discussed the following:

  • Resources for PE lessons – what we have and what we would like
  • How to promote looking after equipment – ideas included an assembly, posters, equipment monitors
  • How to improve lunchtime – ideas included doing a questionnaire, making more use of adventure trail equipment, having rotas for playing larger team games.
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