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Exploring and Investigating in Science



During our unit on light we explroed how light travels in a straight line, looked at how light can be from a light source or a reflector, and explored how light might be powered.

We completed secondary research to answer some of our question quibble questions and investgated how objects made shadows.

We found that all objects make shadows, but that some may be stronger shadows than others.

Our big question was: How does light help us see and how are shadows formed?

Changes of State.

You can't learn about changes of state without doing some melting, melting chocolate was, of course, our favourite, but we also melted water and looked at the changes between ice, liquid water and water vapour.

We practiced using thermometers and explrored melting points of different substances and materials.

We also sorted lots of things, to see if we cld identify a solid, liquid or gas. Sometimes things were all three!

Our big question was: Changes of state - Solid, Liquid, gas; can things be all three?

Rocks, Fossils and Soils.

Rocks and soils can seem a bit all and ordinary. But the children in Willow class, really go into this topic.

We loved learning about the ordinary objects around us and found the process of how rocks and fossils are made really fascinating.

There are great links bewteen rocks, fossils and soils and we enjoyed connecting this learning to our stone age topic too. And of course we had some fabulous rock collections come in for homework!

Our big question was: How are rocks and fossils formed and how is soil made?

Living things and their habitats.

We all really loved this topic, exploring our school grounds and habitats and thinking about the living things that we could fine.

We found a wide variety of plants and animals and enjoyed sorting them in different ways.

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