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Exploring and Investigating in Science

Living things and their habitats.

We all really loved this topic, exploring our school grounds and habitats and thinking about the living things that we could fine.

We found a wide variety of plants and animals and enjoyed sorting them in different ways.

Rocket Mouse

As part of Science Week, we complete the 'Rocket Mouse' investigation.

We had to answer the question - How can you make a paper rocket mouse fly furthest?

We planned the investigation in groups and collected the data to present in a table and a graph, then we made a conculsion.

Some of us tested the size of the bottle - we thought the larger the bottle, the more force, so the further it would go.

Some of us looked at the size of the 'mouse'. We though bigger mice would go further as more air would get trapped.

Some of us explored the force put onto the bottle, we thought the more force, the further it would go as more air was pushed out into the rocket.

We had great fun collecting the data and made some well though out conclusions.

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