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Science Week

Rocket Mouse Investigation

We carried out an investigation called Rocket Mice!

We all made a paper mouse and practised launching it using a plastic bottle. We talked about the science behind what happens when you hit the bottle with your hands to launch the mouse.

We then thought of what we could test. Some of us tested different sized bottles, some tested different sized mice, one group made mice out of different materials to see if that affected how far it travelled. We decided what we would measure - the height it went up, the time it took to fall back to the ground, the distance it went - and collected repeated measurements in order to help us answer our question.

We presented our results in a graph of our choosing and came to some conclusions based on our results. We spotted lots of patterns and a few anomalies which we tried to explain. 


Science Fair

On Friday afternoon we held our Science Fair as part of British Science Week. 

We all bought in something to show to the parents and children and had great fun setting it up and showing what we had. We had lots of different things - magnetism, rockets, electricity, microscopes, eggs that went in and out of a bottle, sweets that made patterns when water was added, mixing of food colouring to create different colours, the science of cement, what happens to marshmallows in a vacuum and quite a lot more. 

We had lots and lots of parents who came to take part and support us and it was a really successful afternoon with everyone enjoying themselves and learning about Science. 

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