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Starting School

The children have been enjoying their first term in Reception. They have been exploring the environment, making friends and learning important rules and routines. 

Here are some photographs of the children accessing the environment during their play.

Special Events

The children have taken part in some special day this term that have helped them to think about the wider world. We have focused on different culture, keeping safe in the community and think out others who may need some help.

Diwali Day

Police Visit


Chinese New Year

Exploring the polar regions

We have been learning about the Arctic and Antartica and the children wanted to find out about the animals that live there so we read lots of information books and watched video clips. 

We were also very lucky to have a visit from a parent who has worked in the Arctic and he came to tell us about some of his experiences.


The children were showing a real interest in weddings so we set up a role play area for them to share their ideas and experiences together. They decided that they needed clothing, flowers, rings, invitations, cards and a wedding cake. 

We also explored the idea of love and what it means to different people. The children said it is about being kind, caring about other people and having lots of fun together.

World Book Day

We had a great day celebrating some wonderful books. We have characters from one of our favourite authors Julia Donaldson and Winnie the Witch is very popular. We also had a special time reading with the Year 3 and 4 children. 

Balance Bikes

The balance bikes are a very important part of our physical development because they help develop core strength, balance and coordination. We have been learning how to glide after pushing off with our feet and also how to use the breaks to stop safely.

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