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Staff list for Brampton and Ringsfield CE Primary School.


As an Association our staff work really closely together across the three schools. We try to use specialist teachers in some areas and share them between the association. Staff are encouraged to share their expertise and interests.






Executive Headteacher

Mrs V Allen

Head of school site

Miss L Ashford

Mrs A Thomas

Mrs H Pope

Yrs 5 & 6

Mrs L Roslyn – teacher

Miss O’Dwyer – teaching assistant

Miss H George -


Mrs L Savage -

Higher level teaching assistant

Mrs H Pope and Mrs M Hill – teachers

Mrs W Foster and Mrs E Doherty – teaching assistant

Yrs 3 & 4

Miss L Ashford -  Teacher

Mrs Wright and Miss E Clark- Teaching Assistant

Miss K Barber - Teacher

Mrs C Smith and Mrs E Williams -Francis

Teaching Assistant

Mrs M Harvey – teacher

Mrs F Freeman and Miss Nicole Chatfield – teaching assistant

Year 1 & 2

Mrs N Bedwell -


Miss M Edwards – teaching assistant

Mrs A Thomas


Mrs K Kirby

Teaching assistant


Mrs B Leftley and - Mr B Watkins [ teachers

Mrs K Waters

Mrs Marta Camus

Early years

Mrs G Hall


Mrs A Lay

Teaching assistant

Mrs A Friend


Mrs A Smith – teaching assistant

Mrs J Teagar and Mrs J Shepherd – teacher

Mrs H Waters – nursery nurse

Miss Miranda Proctor

Specialist staff

Art teacher – Mrs C Mackintosh

Outdoor Education – Mrs N Elliot


Nursery and Poppets Pre-School


Mrs S Bodie – Nursery nurse

Mrs E Martin




Mrs H Blowers

Mrs J Bond, Mrs N Bonnett and Mr A Freeman– Nurture group

Mrs S McCrone

Business Manager

Ms J Cox


Mrs T Lloyd

Mrs L Woodcock

Mrs L Wharham

Additional Mid-day Supervisor

Mrs L Ward


Mrs A Mehew

Mrs M Fletcher

Mrs J Hadingham


Mrs A Sweatman

Mrs D Munnings




Mrs M Thompson


Premises Manager

Ms D Moore

Ms P Tipple
















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